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Reviewed in Australia on 2 June 2021
If you only care about Great sound you will be able to work with this unit but it has problems.

N.B. Be very careful with the buttons. (mine failed and I had to return it)
I put mine in the plastic case in came in (to protect it) but this was a big mistake as it stops you from feeling the buttons properly and leads to pressing them too firmly when the unit's very laggy interface has you wondering if you actually successfully pressed a button or not.

The buttons on this unit are weak (micro-switches). My advice is that you should not put this cover on and that you should be very patient with the buttons and press them very carefully. (They will fail otherwise)

- It Needs skip buttons (it uses the volume buttons to skip via a long press action when the screen sleeps which is very annoying as it also trains you to hold buttons down which will damage them in the long run).

- The native software is unacceptable IMO, I had to purchase poweramp.

- Its android but Google play will not install on it. (You need the .apk files to install some apps)

- the pause/play button is so sensitive it often stops playing just from dropping it into your pocket.

- charging it via usb cable whilst it is in use causes the screen to blank (and the software to glitch).

- Battery life is only one day.

- Unplugging the head phones etc doesn't stop it playing and so (that coupled with its sensitive pause button means that) It tends to sometimes keep playing or start playing when unplugged and waste your whole battery.
(i.e when your not using it and the headphone jack is unplugged).
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3.9 out of 5
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